Have you ever wondered why it is that so many people run webinars that ‘flop’ while others claim to be making millions from them?

The truth is, a lot of it comes down to the structure of your webinar. 

Sure, the way the presenter speaks and the words they use are important too. But none of these are worth anything if the structure isn’t right. 

According to Armand Morin, who has been marketing online since 1996 and made a couple of hundred million dollars in online sales, there are 5 parts to a successful webinar that sells.

Watch this quick video know to discover what the 5 essential parts you must have for a successful webinar are:

So the parts of a webinar is this… now I’m just going to run through all of these, because this is all the different parts of a webinar. This is it. There is no difference. There is nothing else. 

Yeah, there are pieces within this, but these are the basic parts of a webinar. 

  1. The intro. 
  2. The what – what are you going to talk about? 
  3. The training that you’re going to do.
  4. The offer.
  5. And then ultimately the close, which is the deal that you’re going to make at the end, if you will – how you say it and what you do in order to entice people to make that happen. 

So the different parts of this webinar, this is what you’ve got to focus in on. It’s not a lot, but it’s very important that you have it structured in this way.

You see sales itself is a psychological process. A lot of people always ask me “What sales books do you read?” 

I don’t. I don’t read sales books. 

And what I read is psychology books. 


Because I want to know how people think. I want to know how people act. I want to know how people react and I want to know what they do in certain circumstances. And that gives me more information. 

It’s a psychological process, and this is a psychological process in order to get people to sell. 

So again, we’re going to go over each part of this, but let’s start off with the intro itself. 

The intro is what Mike talked about it a little bit. Mike introduced me and that’s technically an intro. But also in many of my presentations, I have a whole segment that usually takes -depending on how much time I have – 10 minutes, maybe even 15 minutes, telling you a little bit about me.

Things like I’ve been online since 1996. And again, that’s 24 years now. Crazy. But then I’d tell you about the different companies I’ve had. The fact that I’ve done a couple hundred million dollars in online sales at this particular point things like that. I’ve had dinner at Buckingham palace. I show you the invitation that I had. I show you me speaking on stages. I show you maybe sometimes even a picture or two of my house. 

And I show you those things to show you what I’ve done and to show you that I know what I’m talking about. It’s building some sort of credibility. Not always – today, as an example, I didn’t do that. I have a shorter timeframe to talk today. So I wanted to get rid of that and just let the presentation kind of sit on its own.

And that’s what I did. Just a very simple “Let’s get started” and go from there. 

So the intro is where you talk about yourself. 

And the second piece is “The What”. 

Now, if you notice in my presentation was “This is what we’re going to cover today”. And I gave you an outline of eight or nine of the things that we’re going to cover today. And it was just like an outline. It’s like a table of contents. And so I got right straight to the point. 

As an example, for a webinar that I was doing online I have told you the different things I’m going to cover in the video prior to you registering. And so that’s going to give you a reason so you know what I’m talking about, and that’s going to give you a reason to opt in to this.

And I’m going to entice you that during the webinar. I’m going to talk about these things. And so then when you got onto the webinar, I run over that list again, and now you’re ready to actually, hopefully listen to those things.

Which brings us to the next piece, which is the training

The training is why they’re there. You made a promise. If you give me your name and email address, then I will teach you this. That’s the promise. 

So the reason, the only reason that they’re there is for the training. That’s it.

The training. 

So you have to understand that part and what most people think for some crazy reason is “Well, these people are here to hear my pitch.”

No, they’re not! No one woke up this morning saying, “You know what? I think I want to get pitched on ‘how to do a webinar’ today”. 

No one ever said that no one ever woke up this way. 

If you did, call me. But other than that, I’m telling you no one did and no one will ever. 

So the reason why they’re there is because they want to know how to do a webinar. They’re there because of the training. 

The reason why they buy – are you ready for this?

The reason they will buy from you is because your training was so good that they want more.

So the training is not just something that you stumble through. The training is what you do to get them to buy. 

A lot of people think that it’s the offer. It’s the pitch. It’s the clothes. It’s the fancy words that you say.

No, it’s not! Absolutely not in any way. 

I can take anyone – anyone – and just teach you how to train. And at the end, I guarantee that you will outsell the majority of people at any event, any webinar, anywhere in the world. 


Because that is why people buy. 

Does that make sense? The TRAINING is why they buy.

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