One of the biggest excuses we hear for people not starting their online business – or not progressing with it – is that they hate selling. 

Does that sound familiar? Do you feel you simply can’t sell? Or maybe you just don’t enjoy it. You feel ‘salesy’ or sleazy when you sell. 

But the truth is… you CAN sell. You probably do it every day. We all do. 

Leading online business coach and speaker, Darren Jenkins, has been teaching online entrepreneurs for many years. In this quick and to-the-point video below he explains exactly why you can sell. But he also shares his strategy for how to get around this if you truly don’t want to sell or be the ‘face’ of your business: 

Let me ask you a question… who here hates selling?

I’m here to tell you that we’re all salespeople. We all sell. Whether it’s our favourite movie to our friends, a new restaurant that’s just opened up down the street, whatever we’re excited about, we sell it. We’re selling every day, all of us. 

You don’t have to be that dirty used car salesman, right? If you’re passionate about something and you believe in it, you can sell it. I can sell webinars and sell internet marketing and email courses and things that I’m passionate about because I love it. And I know it works. It gets results. 

So you’ve got to get that out of your head. If you’re just like, “I can’t sell”… everyone can do it. You’re already doing it. But let’s say you just cannot convince me that you can’t sell and you just hate selling and you just don’t want to do it. 

Fair enough, right? 

And you don’t want to be the face of the business. Because not everybody wants to be the face of their business and you don’t want to, and you just want to remain behind the scenes right now. 

One of my businesses is like that. I’m just behind the scenes. 

This can be very cool, right? When you’re not the person doing all this stuff and you want multiple streams of income… was it Warren Buffet that said “Don’t ever rely on one source of income”. We want multiple streams of income. 

Let me reveal our Medical Centre model right. Now this is for people who don’t want to sell. You don’t want to be the expert. You don’t want to put webinars together yourself. And we call it a Medical Centre model because think about a Medical Centre. If you owned a Medical Centre, you’re the owner. 

What do you have in that Medical Centre? You have experts, right? You have doctors, you have physios, you have osteos, you have acupuncturists. You might have counselors. You have all different types of experts. What happens if one of those experts leaves or get sick? They stop making money. They stop getting paid. 

But what would you do as the owner of the Medical Centre? 

You would replace them with another expert. 

So what I’m talking about here is partnering up with other people, securing Joint Venture partners in building businesses. 

That way, multiple streams of income, okay? 

Going 50/50 with other experts in businesses where you don’t have to be the face of the business. You don’t have to be the one selling. Think about how many of these can you do. 

I want you later – after this webinar presentation – to go and write down all the experts you know. Friends, family, friends of friends, acquaintances, people at your church or your local group or whatever you do.

Write that down… write down everyone you know, and not just what they do for a living, but what are they an expert in. Maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe it’s something that they do on the side, and start approaching these experts. 

Why not put a webinar together for them? Learn the system, learn how to put a webinar together, do it for them and take 50% of the sales… 50% of the business. 

This is a webinar facilitator. And this is a great business model for people who don’t want to sell and don’t want to be the face of the business. 

As a matter of fact, it’s an even better business model. Most people these days are teaching the guru model, right? Be the expert. You see it on Facebook and Instagram – all these experts coming on going, “Hey, sign up for John I’ll teach you this. I’ll teach you that. I’m a coach. I’m an author, speaker…” 

And everyone’s teaching the guru model. Everyone’s an expert these days. 

Well, this is actually the worst model because what happens if you burn out? You don’t have a business. You’re the name of the business. You’re the face of the business. 

It’s smarter to get someone else to sell and you’d be running things behind the scenes. 

Now you can always also do both. If you already have a business right now, and you just want to go online and use webinars to make more money, that’s cool as well. 

I suggest you do it for your own business, but I still want you to partner up with other people. Even if you are the expert, you are the guru right now. And I know some of you are. Start partnering up with other people at the same time, okay?

 And if you don’t want to sell and you don’t want to do be the face, then just go straight into the Medical Centre model straight away.

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