A lot of people completely miss one of the easiest – and most affordable – ways of getting traffic to their website or offer. And this is what internet marketing veteran, Brian Koz, calls the ‘Don’t sit on your ass and wait’ way.

With this way, which is hardly ever used, it involves not waiting for leads to find you, but you going to your prospects.

Brian explains exactly what this method is about and how YOU can use it in this quick video:

There are actually tons of sources on the internet right now, where people are often already telling you what they want to buy or expressing a major interest. And hardly no-one takes the time to go to them.

They can be talking on forums, on Q&A sites and social media sites that are already ranking and oftentimes they’re actively telling you exactly what they want to buy. But hardly anyone takes the time to go to them. And this is a major, major, major mistake.

Did I say, it’s a major mistake? It is.

And let me clarify this a bit more. To really hit home on this right here, this is what I call the ‘$5k in their hand question’.

So let’s say you sell high end massage chairs for, let’s say someone in the crowd – whether it be an actual crowd or that might be an online crowd – but it doesn’t matter… the example stands. Somewhere, someone in the crowd says, “Hey, I have $5,000”and they’re waving it around. “I have $5,000 and I’m looking to buy a high end massage chair. Does anyone have any good recommendations of where I can buy one or what a good model would be for that price?”

What would you do?

I can tell you what most people would do. Most people would sit there and they would say, “Oh man, that’s exciting. I hope they go to Google. I hope they type in some keyword that I ranked for. I hope they find my site. I hope they click on it. Then I hope they read my stuff. I hope they click my link. Then I hope they buy. This is exciting. I’m going to sit there and stare at them really creepily and hope that they click my link.”

Or instead you think you should walk up to that person say, “Hey, I see you’re looking to buy a high end massage chair. I see you have a budget about $5,000.  I sell those. There are a couple of models that would be a perfect fit. Here’s one for about $5,000 that gives a really awesome massage, has all the bells and whistles. It can even link to Bluetooth to play music from the chair and…”

“Meanwhile, if you don’t care about Bluetooth and playing music and all that, here’s the chair that gives just as good of a massage has all the other massage features as this one, but it doesn’t again have the Bluetooth and it’s for $4,000. So it’s a thousand dollars less. And here is the link to get both of those.”

So what would you do?

Would you sit and wait for them to go to basically Google or would you walk up to that guy and do what I just said there?

Of course, when I say it like that, everyone says, “Oh, hey, I’ll do the second way.”

Which is, to walk up to that guy and give him some tips and give them the links and so on.

But realistically, almost no one does that now. Because they’re like, “Yeah, I’ll just wait for them to find me. No point in going out to those prospects.”

So I really want to change your mindset. Making money online for anything is easy, if you can easily see the opportunities and leads already out there, waiting for you. There are literally millions of leads out there looking to do all sorts of stuff.

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