Have you ever wondered why it is that some people make more money than others? Sometimes, a LOT more money than others?

Is it because those who earn more are smarter?

Do they work harder?

Could it be that they’re better looking?

Or maybe they’re just plan lucky?

Here’s the truth…

…it’s NONE of these!

In order to earn more money you must climb the 4-rung ladder of wealth.

And in the following video, Raymond Aaron shares with you not only what these 4 steps are, but he also gives you a little-known shortcut so you can climb this ladder much quicker.

The first rung is visibility.

Every single person who earns more than you is more visible than you.

I’m going to deliver a lot here but once I’ve delivered everything, you are going to remember the one thing that will make a difference. And that’ll be the difference between income lower than you deserve and an income why way higher than you could ever imagine.

The second run of the ladder is credibility

Every single person who earns more than you is more credible than you.

Visibility means they know you.

Credibility means they like you.

Now here’s the really good news.

If you have visibility and credibility, you cannot stop the wealth from coming in.

Now I promised you four rungs and I’ve only delivered three. So if I don’t come up with another rung really quick, my brand is in jeopardy. And there is another rung, but it’s on the dark side. It’s in the wrong direction.

It’s INvisibility.

Unfortunately 97% of everybody in the Western world is completely invisible. They’re known by a few family members, friends and a few neighbors and that’s it. That’s what’s holding your income down.

So where do you earn more money – at the bottom or at the top?

At the top, absolutely. But you typically… have to… take… one… step… at… a… time.

Luckily I’ve discovered the only two steps, and it starts from invisibility – which is fortunate because that’s where 97% of you are. It starts at invisibility and because it’s only two steps it gobbles up visibility and credibility all at once.

But I’ve already taught you that if you have visibility and credibility, you can’t stop the wealth from coming in. That means it goes right from the bottom of “invisibility”, right to the top of “wealth”.

So, how do you do that? How can you take two steps to go directly from “invisibility” to “wealth”?

The simple secret is – you must have your own book.

Yes, you must have your own book.

If you have some thoughts like:

  • English isn’t my first language…
  • I don’t know what to write about…
  • I’m not very good with spelling and grammar…

…just hang on, because I’ve been doing this for 37 years for people just like you, all around the world. Just sit back, take great notes and hang on.

My dear friend, Dr John Gray – he wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus – I asked him if there’s one thing in his amazing life that he could change, what would it be?

He said, “I’d rather have a book than got a PhD.”

I said, “What?” 

He said, “Well call up a radio station and explain that I have a PhD. Do you want to interview me?”  

Chances are, they will say “No!”

But call them up and say, “I wrote the book on men, women and relationships” and they say “Hey, come on my show!” 

I wrote the book on sex.

I wrote the book on pilates.

I wrote the book on investing.

I wrote the book on real estate.

I wrote the book on bitcoins.

I wrote the book on starting a business.

I wrote the book on growing your business.

I wrote the book on taking your business online.

I wrote the book on internet marketing.

I wrote the book on network marketing.

Whatever you write your book on, you will have stature. You will be seen as profound. You will be noticed by others. And that is the key.

You will never again be drowning in the sea of sameness. You will be seen as special and elegant and different. That’s the key. 

The book is the key.

And no matter how difficult it may seem for you at the moment to write a book, for 37 years I’ve known how to do it and I teach it elegantly – I teach you every single phase of it so that it comes out effortlessly.

Having a book means you can indeed AIM HIGHER.

Money will come to you.

Opportunities will come to you.

Income will come to you.

Media appearances will come to you.

Patients will come to you.

Clients will come to you.

Investors will come to you.

Money of all kinds will come to you.

Joy of all kinds will come to you.

…when you WRITE A BOOK.

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