Why is it that some people make a fortune from investing while others quickly lose all their hard-earned savings?

The simple answer is this:

In order to make a consistent profit from investing you need to get good at it.

Easy, right? 

And then you’re probably thinking, “But how can I get good at investing?”

Multi-Millionaire Investor, Darren Winters, answers this for you in this quick no-fluff video:

First of all, did you know… 95% of traders and investors lose money? Did you know that? 

95% of traders and investors lose money. 

When I heard that statistic, I got excited. Because I thought to myself, “Where’s that huge amount of money going to?”

And where is that huge amount of money going to?

It’s going to the 5% who know what they’re doing. 

I thought, “If I can just get into that 5%, that’s a huge amount of money coming my way”. 

And it’s actually a lot easier than you might think once you know the correct strategies. 

Now what’s the average investor’s approach to investing? They read a couple of books on investing. Maybe they go online and they try to learn a little bit. Maybe. And then what does the average investor do?

They take a big chunk of their life savings. They put it in the stock market… put it in Forex markets. They cross their fingers. 

And what normally happens? 

They normally lose a lot of money pretty fast. 

When I first started out, I tried the average vessel approach and lost a lot of money pretty fast. 

So I thought I better get good at this stuff. And I decided I wanted to become an outstanding investor. 

One of the first things I did is I read almost 300 books on trading, investing on stock market for commodities, indices options. I read all the books. 

I then attended over 30 investment training courses all around the world. 

And at the time I didn’t have much money. I was actually borrowing money to pay for all of these courses. I paid for all these training courses with my credit cards.

I thought, “Well, this an investment in my future. It’s going to pay back to me many times”. 

Then I tracked down some of the greatest living investors in the world and I got them to mentor me one to one. And I got to learn from literally the best investors in the world. 

I learned one-to-one from the guy who won the World Trading Championship. He started with $10,000. Within 12 months he turned into $1.1 million. Real money. 

I spent the afternoon with him, just the two of us. He showed me how he did that. 

I learned one-to-one from a guy who made a million dollars profit from trading in 30 seconds – Louis Borsellino. I spent the afternoon with him, just the two of us. He showed me how he did that.

I’d always wanted to learn about Bollinger bands – quite a well known investment indicator.

Who did I learn about Bollinger bands from?

John Bollinger, the guy who invented the indicator!

I then applied everything I’d learned. Within a few years I was a multimillionaire. 

The all-important question: 

How do you get good at investing?

The first part is to learn some proven strategies that work, and that’s what we’re going to do today. I’m going to give you some proven strategies that work. Jot these down… you’ll be able to use them straight away. 

If you want to get really good investing, that’s the hard part because one of the ways to get good really fast is find someone who’s a very, very good trade and investor and get them to mentor you one-to-one. And that’s what I did. 

I went around the world. I found some of the world’s top traders, top investors, and got them to mentor me one-to-one. And that probably is the best way to get really good, really fast.

But I said, that’s a hard part to do. Because if someone is a very, very good trading investor, chances are they either charge a heck of a lot of money for one-to-one mentoring or they just don’t offer it at all. 

So that is pretty hard to do. And before you ask, I do occasionally do one-to-one mentoring, but it’s not cheap. I currently charge $30,000 for single one-to-one mentoring session. 

And you might think, well, how could I justify charging that amount? Because I know that what I teach the person they can use to make far, far more than that. 

And a bit later on in my talk, I’ll let you hear from a few of my students about the kind of incredible things they’ve been able to do using these strategies. But I can tell you right now, many, many, many of my students have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands, million plus multimillion dollars. 

Some of my students are so successful that they are semi-famous in her own, right? You may have even heard of some of these people. Marcus De Maria, investment multi-millionaire, is one of my students. Greg Secker, multi-millionaire is one of my students.

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