According to self-made millionaire investor, Darren Winters, there are two main ways to make money.

In this short video, Darren explains what those two ways are… and which one YOU should be doing if you want to become financially independent.

The first way is what people who are not investing do.

How do people who are not investing make money?

They work. They have a job or they’re in a business and what are they doing? They’re exchanging their time for money.

And when they get the money, what do they do with it?

They spend it on their lifestyle. They pay their rent or their mortgage, their food, their bills. And hopefully at the end of the month, they’ve got a bit left over to enjoy their lifestyle.

But what’s the problem with that situation. What happens to the money?

It runs out. They then got to sacrifice their lifestyle, to spend more time, earning more money, to pay for their lifestyle. Then money runs out, they’ve got to spend more time, earning more money to pay for their lifestyle.

That is what we call the financial trap, where you’ve got to constantly exchange your time for money.

Now, maybe you’re currently in that situation. Perhaps you have a job or you own your own business and you have to keep on working just to support your lifestyle.

And it might be the case that even though you worked really hard, you still can’t afford to buy the house that you really want to live in, or go on the vacation you want to go on or, or buy the car you want to drive. Or maybe you’ve just got the stress of trying to pay the bills at the end of the month. That’s one situation.

The other situation is perhaps you make a lot of money, but you don’t have much time. And when you do get time off, you’re too tired to really enjoy it.

Whether you have a job or you own your own business, if you want true financial security – true financial freedom – you need to have a second stream of income where your money is working for you. So it’s not taking up more of your time to earn money.

And how do we get our money to work for us?


You start wherever you are now and you build up this investment until it’s big enough that it’s earning you enough money to pay for your lifestyle.

You now have all the time you want. You decide whether you work or not.

And what I would say is learn this for yourself. But also, if you have children or grandchildren or relatives who have children, learn this so that you can teach your kids, so that they don’t have to spend their whole life working for someone else. So they don’t have to fall into this financial trap.

I started teaching my kids this stuff, as soon as they could understand even the basics. My daughter is now 15. My son is 18. They’re really good investors, because I started to teach them whilst they were young.

If you teach your kids this while they are still young, they will get really good at it.

So, while there are two main ways to make money, which one are you going to choose? The one where you are constantly trading time for money?

Or the way that allows you to grow your financial abundance AND enjoy living the lifestyle you want to live?

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