Once upon a time “backlinks” – that is, links from websites that link back to your site – were a major part of getting your site ranked highly in the search engines.

But many things have changed in recent years and some people will tell you that spending your time getting backlinks is no longer worthwhile.

While there is some truth in that, the biggest issue is that many of these people are spending time on the WRONG types of backlinks and they’re using outdated methods.

When done correctly, you can build powerful SEO backlinks that still work in helping your site to rank well in the search engines.

Watch this quick video below where John Pearce, super-simplifier explainer and SEO specialist, explains how to build POWERFUL SEO backlinks that still work:

Step three is the heavy artillery and we’re going to bring in our powerful backlinks. We call them hybrid SEO backlinks. I’m going to explain what that means.

So there’s something called a PBN. There’s another question for you. It’s another silly acronym. It stands for private blog network. What it really means is when people use it in this context, it means a website that you build just to rank your other website. So you build a PBN site. There’s a little simple website that you build it for no reason other than to put a link on it, the links to the website that you want to rank.

And it used to be really powerful. I mean, a few years ago you’d build a handful of simple PBNs. You just throw them up they’re really low quality, and you’d be ranking your website in no time at all.

But right now that’s the fastest way to get penalized by Google and thrown out of their rankings. And they’ll never rank you because they can detect these rubbishy PBNs. There’s a whole lot of reasons that I won’t go into for why you should not use PBNs as people taught a few years ago, which I won’t cover right now.

But what we do with hybrid SEO is we take the power and speed of what’s called grey hat. So PBNs are what you’d call gray hat. It’s not exactly what Google wants you to do, but there’s nothing illegal about it.

There’s nothing wrong with it. And it’s a great way to rank unless Google finds out and then penalizes you in Google. If they detect some sort of black hat stuff going on with your website, they will literally remove you from the ranking. Sometimes manually. They do a lot of manual reviews as well.

But gray hat is sort of in between the two. There’s nothing wrong with it, but Google would rather you not do it. But it’s the fastest way to rank. So it combines that speed and power with the safety and naturalness of white hat, SEO… white hat being what Google would love you to do, but it’s just too slow and too painful. It takes forever. You’re never going to rank already powerful terms, at least not for months or years.

So that’s what hybrid SEO does it. You get your cake and you get to eat it too.

Before I explain it, you need very few of these backlinks. I mean, they’re super, super powerful.

So I’m going to teach you how to do these hybrid backlinks now, but you only need a handful. We call them link structures as well – another word for hybrid backlink.

Here’s an example. One of our customers, back in April, he built two Type 2 link structures (hybrid backlinks) and just over two weeks later he’s on position six. They moved from page three to page one in two weeks. And this is reasonably high competition, page authority, domain authority of 34. It’s not ‘make money online’ competition or ‘lose weight fast’, but it’s reasonably competitive by most SEO terms.

So you don’t need a lot of them. They’re powerful, and that power is what you like at this stage, because the more power in what you do, the less work you do. So we’ve got to go for powerful, haven’t we?

How do we do it?

It’s brain-dead simple. You can do what I’m going to show you now in this step three process using the resources that we use, but you can also do it manually. But literally with turnkey SEO, you don’t actually need to know what you’re doing. Just follow our process, step-by-step follow our process. You will rank.

Let me just put in context what used to be at hand a few years ago, this is what people do – what I call old school SEO. Do not do this. It will not work. I mentioned before PBN private blog network. It’s like a site that you build to put a link on that links to the site that you want to rank. That’s what it is. So we’ve got these sites that you build and put a link on to link to your site, do not do this. And maybe some other links as well for many, like Facebook or Tumblr or any of these other sites. This is what people used to do. And that used to be very effective. It’s no longer effective. Don’t do it. Stop.

Rather, we’re going to do this. We’re going to start with your site obviously. And then we’re going to build one of these three items to link to it. Either a guest post, a restored expired site, or a press release that I’ve just talked about.

We’re going to build one of those, and then we’re going to fire some PBN links. What I’ve just described, described as old school. And you know, when you want to do it, you’re going to find the PBN links – not at your site – but you’re going to fire the PBN links to either your guest posts, restored expired site, or press release. And that is the hybrid backlink structure and it is super powerful.

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