So many people say that they want to start living the life of their dreams, but never actually do anything about achieving that.

Or they start to take action, but stop when things get uncomfortable. (Which is usually pretty early into the journey.)

In order to live an extraordinary life, you absolutely MUST get out of your comfort zone.

I know, I know… this can seem much easier said than done. BUT… it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Jack Canfield is one of the world’s most prolific author’s and America’s #1 Success Coach. And in the following video he shares with you a very quick exercise to show you how easy it can actually be to get out of your comfort zone.

And once you can do that, living your amazing life becomes much simpler to do.

So take a few minutes to watch this no-fluff video now:

I love what Jen Sincero said in her book:

“If you want to live a life, you’ve never lived,

you have to start doing things you’ve never done.”

So I love the subtitle of her book – How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life. But it means you have to step out of your comfort zone.

I want to demonstrate this with you really quickly. I want you to fold your hands like you see on the screen. And what I want you to do is notice which thumb you have on top – your left thumb or your right thumb.

And then what I want you to do is separate your hands. Then I want you to fold them one more time and notice which thumb is on top. That’s the same thumb.

It’s called a habit and you’ll do that the same way every single time.

However, what I want you to do to show you what has to happen in order to grow, to get out of your comfort zone, to have a new response, to create a new outcome to pivot… I want you to unfold your hands, move all your fingers up a notch, moving together again so the other thumb’s on top.

Don’t just move your thumbs. Move all the fingers up and put your other thumb on top. How does that feel?

Most of you would say it feels awkward. It feels strange. It feels yucky. It feels wrong. I don’t like it.

Notice what your body wants to do and let your body do it. It wants to go back to the old life. Let it go back to the old way.

How does that feel? Comfortable? A lot of people go, ah, relief. This is me now, right?

That is why most people never really succeed at creating extraordinary lives because they would rather be comfortable than do the uncomfortable thing that’s new that would allow you to go to the next level.

Everything you do that’s new, by its very nature, neurologically, is going to feel uncomfortable.

The first time you ever gave a speech… the first time you ever did a Facebook Live or did an Instagram Live or hosted your own live webinar online… the first time you asked someone to enroll in your program, to invest in your project… the first time you drove a car or especially a stick shift car… first time you kissed anybody… the first time you asked for a loan… all of those things were uncomfortable. But when you did them and survived them, you got more comfortable doing it in the future.

And research would show you – and I won’t have time to do it today – but if this was a three-day seminar, I would have you hold your hands like this in the uncomfortable position for about five minutes in your lap. And after a few minutes you would lose sensation that it was uncomfortable.

It would start to feel normal. It would start to feel comfortable.

Everything that’s new that you do for awhile begins to feel comfortable.

So we have to go through the discomfort stage, the uncomfortable stage, and get out of our comfort zone. And that’s where the growth actually occurs.

You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I think Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines said, “If you’re not feeling a little bit scared every day, not terrified, but a little bit scared every day, then you’re not growing.”

So we have to be constantly out of our comfort zone.

Remember… everything you want that you don’t have is just outside your comfort zone.

You go sky diving and for the first time it’s scary as hell, but then you survive it. You do it a few times. Now that’s an adrenaline rush. You want to go back and do it.

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