Most business owners know they should be using social media within their marketing strategy. In fact, many of them do attempt to do this themselves. 

But even if they can navigate the right social media platforms for them and set up their account, the biggest challenge is usually finding the time to post to their social channels often enough to reach their potential customers. 

However… there is an easy way for you to put this on auto-pilot. 

Imagine if you could not only put your own social media posting on auto-pilot, but then other businesses paid you thousands of dollars to do the same for them!

Watch this quick content-filled video where Brian Koz, ‘traffic master’ and 10-times best-selling author, explains how you can put your social media posting on auto-pilot AND make money from it too:

And now you can imagine this is a super easy thing to also sell as a service. Not only can this help your own stuff, but you can imagine it – would you rather be the guy at the very top of the search results in Google or one of the guys at the very bottom, or the guys on page two or page three? It’s a pretty easy then. 

I mean, if you sold it as a service for $1,000, people think you’re dirt cheap because you either get a lot more traffic or you don’t, especially in this day and age with basically the virus and all that stuff, people are at home. If you don’t have a way to get traffic, you’re dead. I don’t care if you’re the best restaurant in the world or the best business in the world or whatever… so many businesses out there are suffering big time that you can now help them.

And it’s a super easy sales pitch as well. Say, “Hey, would you rather be the guy at the top of the search results or the guy down the bottom?” 

This is all done through the use of the schema, which you can help with.

Another kind of service that you can sell as well is social media management. Now I know other speakers talk about social media. And that’s all great. You can do all that stuff. But one thing that you can do to help that even more is to help put the social media on autopilot. 

So all that social media stuff that you learn, all the stuff that you’re doing, you can then throw that on complete autopilot and not only do yourself, but also do it as a service. 

We actually have a handful of clients that have social media services that they sell for $197 or $297 per month to do essentially Twitter as a service, where they basically post for them, which I thought was pretty cheap. 

Whereas there’s another one that actually would charge $1,500 to $2,000 a month to do it for Facebook and Twitter. That was more like high-end clients. 

But all you have to basically do is use this software tool right here. You can basically type a message ahead of time and then pick the accounts that you want it to show up on. 

If you have a Facebook page or multiple pages, you can have it go to multiple Facebook pages at once. You can have it go to Facebook and Twitter. You can have to go to LinkedIn. You can have a go to all that stuff at the same time. 

So you can do one post, add in a picture or whatever. They can go to all those at once. You can also optionally schedule those out as well. 

So you want to write, let’s say 10 or 15, or basically 20 posts ahead of time, you can do that and you can say, “Hey, I want you to post this once a day or once a week”. And it can post that for you. 

But on top of that, you can say, “Hey, after you go through these 15 or 20 posts, I want you to recycle and re-post some of the older ones”. 

So you can have 15 or 20 posts recycle themselves indefinitely and you can have your social media on autopilot forever.

And that’s something you can not only do yourself, but you can sell it as a service for hundreds or thousands of dollars a month that a lot of businesses need help on. 

They all know that they should be on social media. They all know that they should have a presence. We’re all also guilty of probably not doing as much as we should on social media. I know like 98% of businesses either don’t post on social media as much as they think they should or they don’t post at all. And again, that’s the way for you to put this on complete autopilot.

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