Have you ever imagined being able to take control of how much money you earn? 

Rather than accepting whatever your boss offers, or the maximum amount you can earn depending on the number of hours you work each week, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that you could decide how much you earn… then make it a reality? 

Well here’s the thing…

…you CAN do just that.

Watch this quick video below where Paul O’Mahony, 4-times best-selling author, international speaker and entrepreneur, shares how you can take control of how much money you earn:

The good news is this…

…you can decide to take complete ownership on your financial affairs. 

You decide how much money you need to make per month, and you match it with the size of your email list. 

Let me explain. 

If you want to make $5,000 a month, you build an email list of 5,000 people. 

If you want to make $10,000 a month, you build a list of 10,000 people, and that puts you in full control and full ownership of you deciding what you need to make and allows you to do something meaningful from that. 

So what does that look like? And why does it work this way? 

Because on average, for each email address you collect in your niche, you should be making about $1 per person per month. 

Now, many of you have heard that before – and this is very conservative – but it’s still a great place to start on average… $1 per email address per person per month.

So if you have 10 people in your list, $10 a month, if you have 1,000 people in your list, you should be making $1,000 per month. 

But do you think you’re going to stop there? 

Of course not! 

You’re going to keep driving on, because look at these simple numbers… 

If you spent $1 to collect somebody’s email address, and then you make $1 on average per person per month, that means you spend $1 to make 12. 

That’s an 1,100% return on investment in a year! 

Imagine going into the bank tomorrow and saying, “Hey, any chance I could get 1,100% return on investment per year on my deposits?” 

They’d say “Ah, sorry. I think you’re in the wrong building. You’re looking for the asylum. It’s just down the road a little bit.”

Right? They think you’re crazy. But that’s why the likes of me and ClickSeminars’ co-founder, Tom Hua, have been doing this quietly for years in the background. Because why would you put money in the bank when you can create incredible returns on investment by investing in your own online business?

And you can have multiple independent streams of income – as many as you like constantly on the go 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

If a dollar makes you $12, what do you think you’re going to do with your next $1? 

You’re going to scale it up to $2, to $3, to $4, to $10, to $20 until it reaches a sweet spot. And then you add another stream of income and add another. 

There’s no end to multiple streams of income from one skillset. 

So let’s be clear… the objective with social media is not to annoy people… not to sell people… not to say “Buy now” or any of those things. 

It’s instead to invite them away, into your database… it’s to educate them… it’s to entertain them. The money is made in private through email. 

The marketing is done in public. The selling is done in private.

That’s also a resistance that many people have in they look at what others do on social media, putting videos on every day, trying to sell stuff every day. And they assume that that’s what works. It isn’t! This is what works. 

Treat people with care. Understand the problems that they have and let them buy those products. They don’t need to be your own. The best part of all is that they can be other people’s.

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