There’s no doubt about it… the way we do business these days has changed. Gone are the days when the old “Build it and they will come” philosophy applies.

We are now in a new economy – the digital economy. There are numerous profitable digital business models that you can use when starting, or changing, your business.

One business model from this new digital economy is actually learning about this stuff to teach other people how to do it and to help business owners in this new economy.

In the following short video, Simon Coulson shows how you can make $250 per hour by doing just this.

You see, in the old days, business owners didn’t need to know too much about marketing. My dad had his own business and his marketing took one minute per year. All he did was he got a phone call from the Yellow Pages business directory, and they would ask him if he wanted to renew that. And he would say, “Yes, please”.

That’s it – one minute marketing. And he had his own business for 30 years.

Well, these days, if you’re in business, either, you know a bit about stuff – you need to know about Google search engine ranking… you need to know about Facebook marketing… about Instagram… about Google ads… about retargeting… about Snapchat… and Pinterest… and LinkedIn… and how all those things will hang together… Pay Per Clicks… and conversion rates… and opt-ins… and all that stuff, right?

There’s loads of stuff that every single business needs to know about now. But guess what?

When he started that business, there was no one there to teach him how to do it because it didn’t exist. So they’re so busy running the business now that they’ve never caught up and got chance to learn.

There is a big skills gap of right now in the UK… and I expect it’s similar in the U S and around the world… there was a skills gap and there are not enough people that know how to do digital marketing. And that has driven up the hourly rate.

So in the UK, right now, the hourly rate for digital marketers is 200 pounds an hour… 250 US dollars per hour is the market rate for someone who knows how to do digital marketing.

But the great thing is if you’re not currently earning $250 an hour, you could learn how to do this in days!

Now compare that with other vocations, like being a doctor or a dentist, which might command similar hourly rates. But to get those vacations, you need to study for four years, five years, seven years… compare that with this industry where you can upskill yourself. And it literally in days, you can have the skills where you can start commanding $250 an hour.

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