Unfortunately, your access to this program has been suspended as we have not received your payment in time.

This could be simply an issue of payment processing technically or you did not have enough time to attend to this matter for some reason.

If you still wish to stay in the program, below are some steps you could take to solve this issue. Please follow the instructions carefully.

1. Please Click Here to update your credit card details if your card in our system could have expired, or you have changed your billing address, or you wish to use another card instead for any reason (e.g. your current credit card could have reached its credit limit etc.).

2. If everything above is accurate and up to date, please Call your Bank or Card Issuer to let them know that: Stripe.com is processing a payment on behalf of the Merchant namely ‘Hitech United America Inc.’ and you authorize the charge to go through. This is particularly important if you are in the UK.

3. Alternatively, you can Click Here to change your payment option to PayPal. This could work easily as well.

4. Please contact us at info@clickseminars.live if you need further assistance with your details if none of the above works for you.

5. Please also contact us if you love to be in the program but you are not capable of taking care of the payment for the time being as the result of the current difficult times.