One of the most-asked questions we get asked is why some people succeed at making money online while so many others don’t.

Is it just pure luck?

Do the successful have some ‘secret’ that everyone else is missing?

Or does it come down to following the right business model at just the right time?

In this short, content-only video veteran affiliate marketer and one of ClickBank’s Top 5 sellers of all time, Mark Ling, explains that there are 3 critical keys to success:

There are three critical keys to success. If you get any of these things wrong, the method will not necessarily work.

Key #2 – Only Promote Offers That Sell Like Crazy:

I found that it’s very important to only promote offers that sell like crazy. I get a lot of newbies worried about saturation and they worry about trying to find an offer that no one else is promoting and stuff like that. And I don’t really know very many, if any, successful marketers that do well by promoting only offers that no one else is doing well with, because even if you do find one, sooner or later a lot of other people find it too.

Then there are a lot of people promoting it.

Actually the big key that a lot of advanced marketers realize is that it’s actually a lot easier to sell the offers that are already selling well. They’re already proven. They already have great copy. They already convert to sales.

The world is huge. You just don’t realize how huge. Imagine if Facebook has 2 billion people on it say, and there’s probably more than that, but let’s say 2 billion people are on Facebook. And let’s say people that might potentially buy your product… maybe in terms of an audience size, not necessarily saying that everyone would buy it, but it could be in the hundreds of millions.

And so you could be spending $3,000 a day and only end up having your ads seen by – I’ll just make up a number – a hundred thousand people. You’re only accessing less than 1%, in fact less than 0.1 of a percent of the audience.

So 50 people combined, all advertising… all promoting the same product are still only accessing maybe 0.5% of the available audience with an ad.

And so there’s no competition. It’s not even an issue when you are in big markets. And that’s the reason why you’ll find if you go to any internet marketing event and you see all the people that are successful, they’re all succeeding in big, proven niches, not these little catchy ones. And they have generally succeeding in either health, wealth, relationships or personal development.

By far and away, the most successful niche for affiliate marketers at the moment is the health niche because it’s the largest. More people are interested in health than in any other niche topic.

Key #2 – High Clickthrough Rates Equal Cheaper Clicks:

If we write ads that are have a hook, we try to make sure people are curious. We don’t use click bait. It’s not a bait and switch where we get people curious and they go there and then we don’t deliver on it so they just hit the back button… that doesn’t work that well. But we use a certain type of copy that gets people to want to click, and then we get them reading and then they click through the next page.

And then on that page we keep promoting offers that are already proven to convert. So they hold people’s attention very well. And it’s a really, really great method. It works extremely well.

So because we get higher clickthrough rates, we get charged less per click because Facebook, they actually just care about how much money they make per impression. So for a thousand impressions, you can get 10 clicks and someone else for a thousand impressions can get two clicks, they’ll charge that other person five times as much because they’re getting less clicks.

So your click costs come down and as a result it does affect the profitability dramatically.

Key #2 – Images Are THE Key To Getting High CTR (low CPC):

And images also are another big key because we’re choosing the right kinds of images.

Some of my images aren’t actually photographs. So either they were actually like cartoonarized. So you can have a cartoonarized image or you can get the vector images created and stuff like that.

Cartoonarized itself is not the key. There’s a little bit more to it than that.

But having the right kind of images itself, that is one of the biggest keys because you want it to be scroll-stopping. If someone’s scrolling through the newsfeed, they need to stop and check out what you have.

If it’s not a scroll-stopping image, it doesn’t function in that way, then you’re going to get a low clickthrough rate and end up paying more per click. Our students are very good at that particular element.

So the bottom line is the right big audience, plus a high clickthrough, right images, ads, plus proven pre-sale pages, plus the right converting offer equals success.

And with this, you can scale up.

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