Let me ask you this… do you have knowledge, expertise, or skills that can help people?

Regardless of how you answer that, I know that you do.

And Darren Jenkins knows how you can turn this into a $4,000 to $10,000 a month business using the biggest online trend right now.

Darren is an online business coach and speaker who has been teaching online entrepreneurs for many years now and is responsible for some of X10 Effect’s biggest success stories.

In this short video below, he shares with you why he believes you have what it takes to help people. And he shows you how you can use this with the biggest online trend right now to create a profitable online business.

Let me ask you this… do you have knowledge, expertise, or skills that can help people?

Because I believe everybody does.

If you’re going to try and convince me that you don’t have skills or knowledge in anything and you can’t help people and you can’t use webinars or anything like that to generate sales and build a business online, you’re not going to convince me at all right, because everyone does.

Now, if you could talk about something for 60 minutes, you’re an expert in it. You don’t need 20 years experience, 10 degrees and certificates and all that kind of stuff. I don’t have any of that. I’ve never written a book. I didn’t finish school. But there is something that you have expertise in that you could help other people with and make money from. And chances are, you already have a $4,000 to $10,000 a month business in your head.

And some of you do right now. And as we go along, you’re probably coming up with ideas that you could be doing. Maybe you already have something. Maybe you’re about to launch, already have launched or growing, like I said earlier.

But look at some of the industry, niches and professions, we are in and I have clients in. I’ve coached hundreds of people over the years, one-on-one, in all different types of niches.

You can see here:

  • Relationships
  • Coaches
  • Doctors
  • Vets
  • Fitness experts
  • Real estate agents
  • Buyer’s agents
  • Bloggers
  • Martial arts experts
  • Feng Shui businesses
  • Rescue pilot training
  • Counselors
  • And the list goes on and on.

You know, a lot of people will tell you, “Oh, you got to have a niche these days – you’ve got to find something – unique… something different.”

Well, I disagree. I say pick the markets – the big markets where people are spending money – carve a little piece out for yourself and then do that across multiple markets.

Now that’s true wealth creation.

That’s creating multiple streams of income, which is what we want, right?

But if you want to make money online, you must follow the trend. What is the biggest trend online right now?

Video is the present trend online.

And video will continue to trend online.

What are we doing right now? We’re on a live video. This will then go out as a replay, as a video. Is it fair to say Facebook Live just gets bigger every day? Instagram Live, YouTube? Is YouTube going down the tube? (No pun intended.)

No it isn’t. It’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and video isn’t going anywhere.

Video is the present trend online. And if you don’t get good at video, it’s as simple as this. You won’t have a business. Okay?

Check this stat out in 2020 online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic and 71% of people watch more video than they did a year ago.

Let that sink in for a minute. 71%.

So, how are you going to start using that to take that $4,000 to $10,000 a month business from inside your head and start helping people all over the world?

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