You’re probably wondering though, if making money as an affiliate is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Mark Ling is an internet marketing veteran with over 21 years in the industry. He’s a leading Affiliate Marketer and one of ClickBank’s Top 5 sellers of all time.

And in this quick video below, Mark explains that there are 5 roadblocks that stop many from succeeding. Plus… he shares what you need to do if you want to be one of the few who does succeed at making money as an affiliate:

Well, I’ll give you one reason before I share these five roadblocks. Stubborn persistence goes a long way. I can usually tell who’s going to be the most successful because they are the ones that are stubbornly persistent.

If everything was super simple and there was no road, there was just A, then B, then C equals D and that’s it…. 1 + 1 = 2… if it was as simple and straightforward as that, then everyone would be doing it, and there perhaps would be saturation.

The fact that there are some natural roadblocks that I’m going to share with you causes about 90% of people to just give up. You know, most people don’t end up having someone like me, Rob, Gary, training them.

They don’t have that. They give this a go by themselves. I’ve heard affiliate marketing, you can make money. And then they encounter their first roadblock and they panic. Having that degree of stubborn persistence and just embracing the fact that there’s always going to be mistakes, no matter what form of marketing you do, and then you embrace the fact that, “Okay, that mistake I’m making… maybe there’s a whole lot of other people that made this mistake too. And hence, that’s why there’s less people that are succeeding than what perhaps they could be. So I’m going to push through, I’m going to get through this.”

And then once you do, you go, “Oh great. I’m on the other side.”

Now that’s one of the reasons why I’m more successful than other people, because I have stubborn persistence. So that’s a big time key.

Now these five roadblocks though:

Roadblock #1 is that most people don’t know their numbers:

They just look and say, “Have I made sales? Yes or no?”

They don’t look at the bigger picture like, “What was my clickthrough rate? Am I paying the right amount per click that I should be?”

Because you could be spending a dollar and only breaking even, making a dollar back and you might not know to look and go, “Oh, but my I’m paying twice as much per click as what I should be.”

So some people would turn that ad account off.

But if you know your numbers, you might go, “Oh, wait a minute. I’m paying too much per click. I’ll change the image and see what happens.”

And then BAM! You’re getting half the click costs and now you’re spending a dollar and making $2 back. Now you’re going to start spending a hundred dollars a day and making $200 a day because you fixed that.

Super affiliates know their numbers.

They know the numbers beyond just the end number at the very, very end. There are other numbers you can look at that can give you clues as to what area you need to fix up in order to get to that point where you spend money to make money.

No matter what you do, whether you do this affiliate model that I’m sharing with you or some other model, you’ve got to realize that most people that do well in this today’s society are spending money to make money. It’s very, very hard to ever get ahead and become financially free unless you find a way to spend money, to make money.

For some people it’s real estate. For some people it’s the stock market. For me, it’s buying ads and doing the super affiliate model and that’s my way to spend money to make money.

And it turns around so much faster than the stock market, real estate or any of that ever could.

In those markets, you’re not going to spend a hundred dollars and get $200 a day back. This is an unprecedented time that we’re living in at the moment.

Roadblock #2 – Low Payouts:

So super affiliates, they tend to get higher payouts. We’ll get 90% commissions, not 75% for instance, if it’s a digital product. Or we’ll get 75% commissions and not 50% if it’s a physical product like supplements being sold. That’s super important.

Roadblock #3 – Low Cashflow:

Super affiliates know how to get paid faster.

Roadblock #4 – No Insider Connections:

A lot of other marketers, they’re going it alone. They don’t have someone, they don’t have a program like Rob, Gary and myself, they don’t have training. They haven’t even been on a webinar session like this.

So they’re having a go and it’s just difficult.

Roadblock #5 – Ad Account Shutdowns:

Super affiliates know how to get new accounts, extend their accounts longer and/or how to prevent ad account shutdowns from Facebook’s algorithm and so forth.

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