If you’ve been marketing online for even a short time you may well have an opt-in form set up, where you ask visitors to give you their email address in exchange for something you’re offering for free.

Perhaps a report, a video, a webinar… or there are many other options.

Then, when someone opts-in, you send them a “welcome” email with the link to download their gift.

Award-winning email marketer, Matt Bacak, has sent over 8,000,000 email split-tests. And he’s discovered a way to increase revenue from this “welcome” email by a whopping 320%!

Watch this quick video now, where Matt shares this discovery and the few simple words you can add to your “welcome” emails to increase your revenue too.

Welcome messages are incredibly effective. And on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than any other from an email promotion.

How do we make that possible?

So usually whenever you have an opt in page, typically you’re going to give them a widget. Something like give them a free report called X. So widget X.

So you’re going to give them a free something – a free report… a free piece of software… whatever that thing is, something to ethically bribe them to get them to sign up for your list.

When they do, you told them you’re going to give it them widget X and they’re going to sign up and they’re going to go to an email. This is going to be the welcome message email that somebody is going to receive.

Traffic is going to come to the page. When traffic comes, someone’s going to put their information in here. And then as soon as they do, they’re going to get a welcome email.

Now, as soon as they get that welcome email, in your welcome message there’s going to be that link where somebody is going to click and be able to get the thing that you promised them.

They click on the link in the email and that link when they click it, they go to where they can download that thing – widget X.

But here’s the thing… if you just do this, you’re not going to make 320% more revenue. This is not the way to go do it. You have to deliver on what you promise. However, just because you do that does not mean that you’re going to make money.

What you want to do is do to take a page from Amazon’s book. There’s only one company in the world that I know that split tests more than me and the company’s name is Amazon.

So my question for you to just think about is this:

How many of you have ever purchased something on Amazon?

Now, the reason I bring that up, because I want to share something that Amazon does, that you can actually take and apply to your business. It is going to make you 320% more or revenue to do that.

If you have not bought anything on Amazon, what you need to know is whenever you go to the top, you search and then on the far right hand side there’s going to be a little picture of the thing that you’re going to get. And then over there it’s going to tell you whatever the description is. And then, it’s going to have this little ‘buy now’ button.

But here’s the thing… when you’re on Amazon, underneath whatever you’re looking at, it says these words:

“People who’ve purchased this also purchased this.”

There’s a reason they do that… it’s because they make so much more money by people saying, “Well, if others are buying something like this then I should go do it too.”

The reason I bring that up for everybody is this…

…this will make you so much freaking money!

This will make you 320% more revenue by doing this one little thing with this description right here in your welcome message.

Here’s the trick for you to do it – you want to write this down:

I’m going to put the little secret code…

…the little words that you want to use…

…it’s just two letters, and then add some words…

You want to add a P.S.

Your P.S. in that email says something to this effect:

“People who download [INSERT WHATEVER IT IS – E.G. WIDGET X] also purchased this [INSERT LINK TO WHATEVER YOU’RE OFFERING].”

And you can put affiliate link there. You can put whatever you want.

If you don’t have a product, you can use an affiliate product. If you don’t have an affiliate product, let’s say you have people fill out applications. “People who download this also fill out this application”.

Use those words to your advantage to make them do whatever you want them to do.

Here’s the reason why it’s so powerful…

…out of all the emails you’re ever going to send in the history of your emails.

This is the number one email that you’re ever going to send and you going get the most open rates out of every email from this message right here.

The one that everybody’s going to see is the “Thank You”… the welcome message.

So at that moment, you want to create a buyer’s intent and tell them, “I’m not just giving you something for free, but there are also things to buy” and starting off the relationship that way will make you so much money.

In fact, it’ll make you 320% more revenue.

Now let’s take it even further. Now you could use the same exact strategy because what it does is it creates intention. At that point, you got everybody’s attention, and so it creates an intent.

They actually asked for the email, you’re not jamming it down. You’re not sending out a broadcast. They’re asking for it. And so you’re giving them the email they’re asking for, so they’re looking for it, right?

Make the most of this email and of this opportunity and increase your revenue from this email by 320% starting right now.

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