Dear Expert Presenters of ClickSeminars

First and foremost, Thank you for being a part of our exciting ClickSeminars.Live events! It certainly has been a fun ride getting the band back together, and of course, get to know some new friends as well.

As our seminar is the only one that is truly globally on both the presenters’ and attendees’ sides, to be able to address the time zone issue, we have decided to make our ClickSeminars.Live ON Demand. i.e. the attendees will choose, however, wherever and whenever to watch your presentations live or to watch the replay.

Your recording of the live presentation has been made ready to go as a part of this new platform. It is going to be a paid model rather than completely free to improve show rate even though it’s now an on-demand model. So, of course, for you, it’s going to be an effortless opportunity to make some additional sales.

Now, as per our agreement that we have been using for more than 16 years in the past, you will still get 50% of the backend sales as standard. However, we are introducing some new rules to encourage you to promote this new project as hard as you can, and we will reward you handsomely for doing that. At the same time, if you are not going to promote it then your share will be reduced accordingly.

Here’s how it works

  1. To start with, you get an on-going monthly commission for the membership fees on a 50%-10% two-tier basis.
  2. You also get 25% for all the people who you refer to us for backend purchases from other speakers.
    • These affiliate sales are paid on the approximate last day of the month following. eg: January sales are paid on the 28th of Feb, (or the next weekday)
  3. For those who promoted hard in the past (Clickseminars.LIVE and PRIMO3), the leads you sent to us are also accounted as your referral. Once Again, Thank you for your trust in us!
  4. You get 60% of Your back-end sales if you are the Top Promoter of All Time Calculated Accumulatively.
  5. You get 55% if you are the Top Three promoter of All Time or the Top Three promoter of the months.
  6. You get 50% if you are the Top Ten promoter of the month or remain Top Ten promoter of all time.
  7. You get 40% if you are not on the leaderboard of Top Ten of All Times or Top Ten of the month. To be fair, we have to, and we should, reward the speakers who promoted hard to put people in front of you to watch your presentations so that you can make sales.
    1. ) Speaker product sales share is paid on the 15th of the Month following. (eg. January payments processed are paid on the 15th of Feb, or next weekday if on a weekend)
    2. ) All Speaker product commissions are calculated after 5% processing fees calculated on the gross sale.
  8. The leaderboard is going to be updated daily and the cut of time will be midnight of the last day of the month GMT.
  9. The above payment rate applies to the sales made in the current calendar month. eg: Your position in January affects your speaker commission on payments processed in January.
  10. The Official Leaderboard will be made available to the public so you can be proud of being able to prove that you are the real deal with Internet Marketing.
  11. We will Showcase the Top promoters on our website, encourage the members to watch the training from the Real Guns
  12. We will feature Live presentations fortnightly and the top promoters get the first choice to present Live or to add in new Pre-recorded Presentation(s) according to the above policies respectively.
  13. We will also promote the Top Promoters in our Weekly Newsletter to All of our members showcasing your presentation so not only will you get more percentage on your sales but also you will get more people to watch your presentation.
  14. The Current Top Promoters are listed here –
  15. All promotional Graphics are here – 
  16. Email templates are here  – 

General Terms

  1. If an Event attendee orders a product directly from you during the Event or within 90 days from the end of the Event (or purchase of your event-promoted product), you must remit to us our revenue share for that order within 30 days from when you are paid.
  2. All sales incur a 30 day unconditional warranty period, (money-back guarantee)
  3. If an Event attendee returns a product for any reason within 30 days from the date of delivery (or such lesser period we agree prior to the Event) (‘warranty period’), each party must refund to the attendee its revenue share in respect of that product. A ‘return’ includes: (a) the physical return of a product; (b) cancellation of an order; or (c) notification that an attendee does not want the benefit of a product (e.g. the right to a license key or access to a website).
  4. We may set off any amount required to be refunded by you against any payment due to you.
  5. Refunds for product returns beyond the warranty period will be: (a) at your sole discretion; and (b) your sole responsibility.
  6. ‘Recording’ means any photograph, video, or audio recording or transmission of you, your presentation, or your participation in the Event. You authorize us to make, broadcast and communicate to the public a recording if we choose to do so.
  7. All intellectual property rights (‘IP Rights’) in any recording vest exclusively upon creation in us. You agree to do all things required by us to assign the IP Rights in a recording to us. We grant you a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use, copy, reproduce and modify a recording.
  8. You grant to us an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free right to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, publish and communicate any materials you provide to us relating to you, your business, or your products (‘your materials’) for the purposes of the Event, promoting the Event or promoting future events.
  9. You warrant that: (a) you will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes, including (without limitation) the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and similar laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct; (b) you are the owner or lawful licensee of all IP Rights in your materials and products; (c) you have the right to grant to us the rights stated above in relation to your materials; (d) our use of your materials will not infringe the IP Rights or any other rights (including moral rights) of any person.
  10. You indemnify us, our directors, employees, and agents, against any loss, damage, expense, action, claim, or liability suffered by any of us directly or indirectly arising from or in any way connected with: (a) your breach of these terms and conditions; (b) your breach of any law, including the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth); (c) your negligent act or omission; (d) your presentation and participation in the Event; (e) your materials; or (f) your products.
  11. To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable to you for and you release from and indemnify us against, any harm loss, damage, claim, demand, action (including, without limitation any indirect or consequential loss or damage) that you or anyone else may suffer or be entitled to make or bring arising from or in connection with the Event, these terms, and conditions, our breach of these terms and conditions, our negligence or any other cause of action.
  12. You must keep our confidential information confidential. You must not directly or indirectly disclose, use, record, copy, memorize or reverse engineer it for any purpose other than to perform your obligations under these terms and conditions.
  13. These terms and conditions are governed by the law of Melbourne, Australia, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.
  14. Agreeing to participate in our event is an express agreement to the above terms entirely.