If you want to have a profitable online business then it’s essential that you have an effective sales funnel and follow-up system in place. 

You may be wondering then just what this sales funnel and follow-up system looks like.

In this short, no-fluff video serial entrepreneur Shawn Casey – whose companies have helped over 600, 000 customers to unlock the secret to creating profitable online businesses – outlines what a good sales funnel and follow-up system should look like:

What does a good sales funnel and follow-up system look like? 

Write this down… this is what you should be doing.

For every one of these sales funnels you need an initial product, plus two to three immediate upsell offers. 

So when you sell them that initial $27 or $47 product you want to offer those upsell offers. 

Then you need more than one product line – several product lines in the same market – because different people in that market are going to want different things. They’re going to have different needs, but they’re all coming in homogeneously in that big group of people. 

Next you’re going to want continuity. Now continuity is where they’re paying every month. Like you pay for your internet service… you pay for Netflix… you pay for Amazon Prime every year, right? Continuity is a great thing.

How many times did you have to go buy Netflix? Once, right? One time. 

But how many times have you paid Netflix? You probably lost count. This is the great thing about continuity. Make a one-time sale and people keep paying you monthly or annually, and it can be anywhere from $47 a month to thousands of dollars of year. 

So think about that one sale. People just keep paying you. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to get to the beginning of the month, the first day, and you’re like, “Hey look, all these people are scheduled to pay me this month, this much money. And I haven’t done anything yet.” 

It’s a good feeling. That’s why all these people invest in Netflix stock, because they know next month Netflix has collected money simply by being online… being available. 

And then you also want to get to high ticket offers. If you give yourself a chance to make $1,000 or more, that’s even better. 

So you need to put all that together.

But can you see how people that have a complete sales funnel and that have built up their business… they’ve done all this work… they’ve invested all this money… that’d be a huge advantage over people with a single low price product? Do you see how this is a, a big disparity? It’s almost unfair. 

In fact, it kind of feels like this – who’s going to win this wrestling match? 

What do you think? Who’s going to win? And which person do you want to be? I know what shot I choose. 

Now the good news is – and there is good news – once you have a good sales funnel and you have a follow-up system in place, you can focus just on feeding the funnel.

You can literally just be like, “Okay, all I got to do is put people in and money comes out.”

So this is one of the key things that you can look at with all this stuff is that if you get your funnel set up, you are just one funnel away from making a fortune. Once that funnel is set up all you are going to do is add people, okay. 

And getting traffic, getting leads… that’s actually easy. Once you’ve got this funnel setup. It’ll be worth the effort when you can just put people in and you get money on the other side, right? That’s a good thing. 

But if you don’t have a sales funnel like this you’re screwed. Seriously. I’m going to tell you the truth. You’re screwed because you’re competing against people that do. And it’s one of the reasons why you struggle. You can’t get anywhere. You can’t do anything. 

And if you don’t have a funnel like this, is it any wonder you’re having trouble making money online. That you’re just like, “I can’t get this to work. Even if somebody buys, I try to get somebody to buy and it cost too much money.”

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