Every day millions of people are spending money via the internet and there’s no reason you can’t be enjoying some of these profits in your online business. 

If you’re not, quite possibly it’s because you don’t have the right systems in place. 

And one of the most-overlooked critical systems you need to have is a follow-up system. 

Serial entrepreneur Shawn Casey’s companies have helped over 600, 000 customers to unlock the secret to creating profitable online businesses. And in this quick video below, he explains why you MUST have an effective follow-up system within your business:

A follow-up system, or the lack of it, is really, really is an obvious problem. Because everybody knows about it, not many people do anything about it. 

Most people aren’t going to buy the first time they see your offer. They’re going to come to your website or they’re even going to just see your email one time and they’re not going to buy… they’re not going to respond. 

Now, it could be a million different reasons. They’re not ready. It’s not the right time. The wife called him for dinner. The show came on TV. The football game started. The soccer match, or whatever. 

So a lot of people don’t buy the first time. People quote statistics showing it takes seven times. However many times it takes in your market, the first time is not enough. 

You’ve got to follow up. 

So if you don’t follow up relentlessly and repeatedly, you’re going to miss a huge amount of sales. You’re really, really going to miss out. 

Now think about this big mess that we now have. Because this is where problems get bigger and compound on what you’re missing out on. If you don’t have several product lines, you’ve only got one product, you’re just really limited again. 

So you’ve got to work really hard on the follow-up system to sell that one product. 

And you probably don’t have a follow-up system even for that one product. So you can see if you have a lot of products and a lot of follow-up systems you’d have a lot of ways to make money. But one product and maybe a little bit of follow-up isn’t nearly the thing. 

And even if you just had that one and the follow-up you’re missing out on a lot of additional sales. 

You need a good sales funnel for the product that you have. You need more sales funnels, more products, more opportunities for people to give you money and you need follow-up systems. 

All your customers and your prospects – your potential customers – all those leads on your list… they’re all spending money with somebody. It’s just not you. 

So you’re missing out on that. 

So when you, when you stop and you think about where you are and how you want to make more money and you’re in a market where people are spending money, which is pretty much everything in the world – unless you’re in the market of the one legged stool, where are you going to sit and do underwater basket weaving – you’re pretty much in a market where people have money. 

They’re spending money. You’ve just got to tap into that. 

There’s so much… the global market is trillions of dollars. It’s not like there’s not enough for all of us. We just need a little tiny bit of that, right? A little tiny bit of that is still a million dollars. Even smaller, one iota of that is still a hundred thousand dollars. There’s a lot of money, but you’ve got to be able to get out there.

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