Webinars aren’t new. They’ve been around for many years now.

But there has never been a better time for you to do webinars.

Watch this short video where Armand Morin, one of the top internet marketers in the world and highly sought after international speaker, explains why now is the best time for webinar and the right way of doing them:

So why now? Well, there’s three words that we’re going to talk about in a second, but our lives have changed every single one of you watching this, including myself, our lives have changed forever.

We don’t know what to what extent yet. We don’t know how things have happened. I mean, the fact is that we can’t continue doing business the way we once did.

I used to do a lot of live events. Well, obviously a couple of months ago that stopped immediately. All my events that I was getting ready to speak at all over the world were canceled immediately. I couldn’t leave the country. I had to immediately rethink everything that I’m doing. Let me just share with you guys, what went through my mind. I started thinking, am I indispensable?

In other words, when people are looking to spend money now, is what I offer – is what I do – is that something that they would cut off first?

So I had to start thinking a little bit different and I had to start thinking about the way I market a little bit different as well, to make myself indispensable and also to communicate differently.

And therefore we did exactly what I’m telling you guys to do right now. That is – started doing more webinars. And it simply just worked. We were already planning this strategy for many, many, many months.

In fact, we’re still in the middle of creating multiple webinars. You see right now I have about six different webinars that we will have out marketing simultaneously at the exact same time.

In other words, these webinars will all be promoting multiple different products, multiple different programs, multiple different things. All simultaneously.

You see the three words that I want you to understand are these three words right here:

  1. change
  2. modify
  3. adapt

We need to change, modify and adapt what we’re doing right now.

If you don’t, you’re going to be left behind. That’s the reality of it.


We need to change your marketing. We need to change your interaction with your customers. We need to change your advertising. We need to change your methods. We need to modify to meet the current situations.

In other words, we can’t go out necessarily face to face. For example, I was speaking out at seminars. It’s not possible anymore, at least right now. We need to modify what we are doing.

So I was speaking from one to many from a live event. Well, I already knew that that was one of the best ways in order for me to market. Now, we’re just changing it to digitally where we can do webinars.


But the beautiful part about a webinar is that you don’t have to be live all the time. I don’t have to be live in the future. It can be recorded because once I do a great presentation, I can put that in the can.

I can make that automated and I don’t have to be there anymore. I can do whatever I want to, because we can market that in multiple countries. We can market that 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s amazing. It’s truly leverage in that respect.


Another thing we have to do is adapt to the problems and circumstances as they happen in order to not fall behind.

Now, when I say adapt, things may change even further. And I believe there are several different things that are happening and we’ve already seen it happening. What have we seen – think about just the last two to three months – what have you seen grow in popularity?

Well, number one, Zoom. Now I heard numbers, but Zoom like doubled or tripled in the number of users over the course of the last two or three months.

You can see Microsoft – their communication programs as far as having multiple people in a room, that’s expanded dramatically.

Google has now made it free for everyone to use live streaming and in get-togethers in their Google platform. It’s in your Gmail account right down the lower left hand side.

Facebook has come out with rooms.

Things are already changing. You just need to look at what is happening. It’s amazing what’s available to us now, in order to do these things. In Facebook, you can jump into a room with 50 people for free.

That’s awesome. And we can do that for a wider variety of different things. You can do small presentations, you can do big presentations.

There’s so many things, but it’s all happening right here. You just have to be aware of it.

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