How would you like to be able to double, triple or even quadruple your income in the next 12 months…

  • without being famous…
  • without having any experience…
  • without ever speaking to a LIVE audience?

How much would you be prepared to invest to learn how to make $1 million?

Would you pay $200,000?

John Childers has made millions of dollars as an entrepreneur selling the world’s most popular product.

And that’s the amount that John paid his mentor so he could learn how to make $1M.

Now that may sound like a LOT of money to many people.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I don’t have that amount of money available to invest, even though I see the value in it”.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Pay attention to this quick video where John Childers shares the secret behind how this investment came about, why it’s such a no-brainer and how it can be so easily affordable to anyone:

I need somebody to hold my hand, help me learn these things. Well, my mentor had some questions for me.

Number one, he says, “John, what’s this experience worth to you?”

And I’m thinking now, “What experience are you talking about?”

See, I was talking to him about teaching me how to make a million dollars a year.

Now, most people will not make a million dollars in a lifetime. But I learned is that there are certain businesses that that’s not difficult at all. There are certain products that you could sell that are way more profitable than others and this mentor had it all put together.

And I said, “Will you teach me? Will you mentor me in this extremely profitable profession?”

And he says, “I will, if you can give me the correct answer. What would the experience be worth to you?”

And I’m thinking he wants to know what I’ll pay him for this experience.

But before I could even answer what he said, “Now I know what you’re going to pay me and this is not negotiable”. He said, “I want to know what the experience of learning to make a million dollars is worth”.

And then it hit me. “Well, it’s worth a million dollars.”

He said, “If I took everything that you make as an apprentice… if I took all the profit, all the money that’s made during your learning period, what would you have at the end?”

And then I got it. Once you’ve done it and you know how to do it, it’s just a matter of doing the same thing over and over again.

So he finally asked me a question. He said, “Will you give me a dollar if I give you $5?”

I said, “Yeah”.

He said, “Well, let me ask it in a different way, which is almost the same thing.

Will you give me a dollar if I gave you $5, however, don’t give me my dollar until I get you your $5”.

And I’m thinking I liked the way that works.

Now we reached an agreement. I said, “This is wonderful”.

We reached this quick agreement. He provided everything I wanted. And I paid him $1 for every $5 that I made. It totaled over $200,000 for the one-year apprenticeship program.

Meaning, I paid him $200,000 to learn what I’m sharing with you, right?

But what’s the opposite of that? I made $800,000 as an apprentice. Now that’s an 80/20 split. I’ll do that any day of the week and I think you would too.

The question is, would you have done that? Would you have done what I did?

Better question… will you give me a dollar, IF I get you back $5?

Before you answer it, let me ask that correctly.

Will you give me a dollar if I get you $5… however, you don’t have to give me your dollar until you get the $5? Do you like the way that sounds?

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