Have you heard that you’re only one funnel way from making a fortune?

Russell Brunson says that all the time for his ClickFunnels. You’re only one funnel away from making a fortune.

And it’s absolutely true. But you’ve got to actually build the funnel and the follow-up system before you can make a fortune.

Shawn Casey is a serial entrepreneur whose reputation in the internet marketing industry has lead to his nick-name of “Old Man Casey” by some. One of his side-hustle e-commerce alone sells over $1M per month! So he knows a thing or two about funnels.

In the following video, Shawn shares why you could be just one funnel away from your fortune and the reason why so many people get their funnels wrong.

Because if you don’t have it – this funnel – then you don’t get the fortune part right now. When you look at online marketing, a lot of people see this thing up here, you see this, this part up here, this tip of the iceberg, right?

We all know that’s like the little bit and there’s a lot more underneath.

Well, when you look at other businesses – what they’re doing, what they’re selling, how they’re promoting – most of what you’re seeing is, “Oh, look, this guy’s offering a $29 product.”

But you miss everything else that’s going on in the background – the follow-up, the additional sales, the high ticket items, the follow-up system, the email marketing, the retargeting ads, all the other stuff that goes behind in the follow-up system and in the sales funnel.

And so you think, “Oh, I’m doing the same thing they are”. When really you’re missing out on a whole bunch of what’s actually going on.

So why is a sales funnel important?

Why is all this additional part important?

Well, first of all, you’re not going to get rich just selling a single product for $7 or $27. It doesn’t work that way.

Now, one of my original products from 2000 – that’s not a typo. I actually started online in 1999 – I released this book in 2000 called Mining Gold On The Internet. Mining Gold On The Internet was a step-by-step guide to quick cash flow online. It taught people ways they could market online for free all the way back 20 years ago and were able to help a lot of people. Now that book, we sold over 110,000 cotton copies.

We started out selling at $27 and then we went to $37 and then we went to $47. And it generated well over $3 million in sales.

So that doesn’t suck, right? I mean, it’s good, but we made a lot more money because that wasn’t all that we sold.

Sometimes we promote it and that would generate a profit on it. But a lot of times we needed to have more things to sell them more products in the sales funnel – upsells and downsells and then other products on the backend to sell them in addition.

And so we had to make a complete sales funnel and I’ll show what that looks like in a minute. But we wanted to take our average value of the front end buyer from $27 or $37 to $47 to be worth a lot more money because our average buyer’s worth – in this case over a hundred dollars – then we could spend a lot more money getting buyers and still make a profit.

Does that make sense?

If I’ve only got $27 to spend on getting a buyer, I got to spend less. But if somebody else can make a hundred dollars on that same $27 buyer, they could spend $50 and then boom… they still get a hundred. So they’re making $50.

Now you get more profit, you can spend more money, more time and more effort, getting more buyers that make you more money.

So this funnel is really, really important. Even if I spent $27 to get a $27 front end sale, that breaks me even, right? But now I’ve got the back end funnel, the upsells and the emails. It’s going to make me a lot of money.

Just having emails that email leads makes a ton of money. We make money every single day with email. I’ve been making money every day with email since 1999.

It’s a wonderful thing. It used to be that I pushed the button and make money. Now my business got bigger. Somebody else pushes the button and I still make money, which is even more fun.

I’m never going to have to send the email myself. In fact, I’d have to go learn how to send the email myself at this point, but it’s easy. You can do it.

But if all you have is a $27 product, you’re severely limited in what you can do. You’re missing out on the huge profits. You can be making it again. Even if you can sell that, you’re working too hard to make too little money. You need to have this funnel so you can make a lot more stuff.

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